We are always looking for submissions on a wide range of subjects. If you want us to feature your article, your opinion, your project, your photograph, your review, or anything else you think may be suitable, please get in touch.

Below is a list of some submissions we are specifically looking for, as well as our contact form.

  • Film-Based Photography Projects
    We want to feature your film-based photography project – particularly, but not exclusively – by Australian (or Australian based) photographers, or projects involving Australia.
  • Roll Reports ( Galleries )
    We want to feature galleries of your film photographs – either a curated gallery, or a whole roll of your favourite/most recent film.
  • Film Reviews
    We are very interested in your reviews of your favourite films, particularly if it’s a film we have not reviewed yet or a different take on an old classic. Please include a varied selection of photographs with any review you wish to submit.
  • Film Camera & Lens Reviews
    Just got a new piece of gear? Or a favourite piece of gear? Love it or hate it, we want you to rant and rave about it.
  • Opinions
    Got a strong opinion or a unique insight about something in the film photography world?
  • News
    Got the inside scoop on something new? New film or new camera? Maybe a new lab or gallery show, particularly in Australia?
  • Interviews
    Are you a photographer that shoots film?  Do you run a lab or a store? We’d love to talk to you about what it’s like.


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If you are submitting visual content like photographs or videos, please provide a link in your message. This can be a general link to your instagram, portfolio, website, etc, or multiple links to specific photographs if you prefer, depending on what you’d like to submit.